Computing Edu Research & Evo Algorithms Lab

Welcome to the website of the USF Computing Education Research & Evolutionary Algorithms Laboratory!

What is this lab about?

This lab gathers researchers from diversified disciplines who share an interest in;

  • Identifying & understanding the learning barriers encountered by students of the computing disciplines. Developing & evaluating Innovative, technology-supported pedagogies to address them.
  • Developing Evolutionary techniques that are able to tackle challenging application domains that require very significant adaptive capabilities; e.g. interactive or time-dependent optimization problems.
  • Applying our experience with the above to develop Evolutionary-Aided Teaching and Learning approaches; e.g. autonomous design of practice problems, automated discovery of concept inventories.

As a result of these interests, our work spans both the Computing Education research and the Evolutionary Computation fields. Feel free to browse the other tabs to get more information about our activities.


Do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have any inquiries about any of the material in this site. If you are a student looking for a Senior Project, we regularly offer projects related to our ongoing or in-preparation grants; get in touch with us.

If you are looking for the CEReAL - Computing Education Research & Adult Learning group's website, it has been archived here

Over the years, and the various incarnations of this group, many faculty and students have partnered to do research on Evolutionary Computation and Computing Education. You will find a list, that I hope to be complete, below.

Graduate Students

Dmytro Vitel
Masters in Computer Science, started spring 2018, "Genetic Programming Techniques to Evolve Distracters for Parsons Puzzles". [EvoTutoring SVN] [SourceForge]
Stephen Kozakoff
Ph.D. in Computer Science, pre-quals, Tentative Topics; "Injection of Partial Symmetries in Evolutionary Fitness Landscapes". [SourceForge] [GitHub].
Masters in Information Technology, 2015, "Evolving Parsons Puzzles" [EvoTutoring SVN].
Bari A.T.M. Golam
Ph.D. in Computer Science, started fall 2014, "Interactive Fitness Domains in Competitive Coevolutionary Algorithms" [EvoTutoring SVN] [SourceForge] [GitHub] [Google Scholar] [LinkedIn].
Himank Vats
Masters in Information Technology, 2018, "EvoParsons - Docker Containers & JavaFX User Interface". [EvoTutoring SVN] [SourceForge]
Kok Cheng Tan
Masters in Information Technology, 2017, "Educational Data Mining of Student vs. Parsons puzzles Interaction Logs from the Epplets.org Intelligent Tutoring System". [Epplets.org].
Mathew McDermott
Masters in Information Technology, 2013, "Agricultural Mobile Electronic Inspection Prototype".

Undergraduate Students

The following students have already partnered with our faculty on ongoing projects

  • Nghiem Tran, CLUE Project - 2014 IT Senior Project; NED web app improvement
  • Stephen Kozakoff, CLUE project - 2014 IT Senior Project; NED Netbeans plugin
  • Adam Feller, CLUE Project - 2013 IT Senior Project; NED Eclipse Plugin
  • Joshua Maun, SUSHI Project - 2012 IT Senior Project; Extending prototype
  • Matt McDermott, CLUE Project - 2011 IT Senior Project; CLUE self-study VM Prototype
  • Michael Nachtigal, CLUE Project - OPS - Syntax Analyzer development
  • Benjamin Geiger, SOFTICE Project - OPS - kernel labs development
  • Alex Kranh, SOFTICE Project - 2007 IT Senior Project; VMware educational virtual appliance
  • Janet Offray, SOFTICE Project - 2006 IT Senior Project; Applying SOFTICE to Linux sysadmin Labs
  • Clark Godwin, SOFTICE Project - 2005 IT Senior Project; Linux Kernel Loadable Modules
  • Eric Murray, SOFTICE Project - 2005 IT Senior Project; Debian Packaging for the Warewulf Project
  • Nestor Rentas, SOFTICE Project - 2005 IT Senior Project; Linux Stealth Intrusion Detection
  • Andrew Wong, SOFTICE Project - 2005 IT Senior Project; SSI clustering on classroom PCs
  • Barry Cohen, SOFTICE Project - 2005 IT Senior Project; Debian Linux installation of a private LAN

Faculty and Collaborators

  • Anthony Bucci
  • Paul Wiegand, Research Associate, University of Central Florida. [webpage]
  • Jennifer Albert, Assistant Professor, The Citadel. [webpage]
  • Amruth kumar, Professor, Computer Science Department, Ramapo College. [webpage] Make sure to visit Dr. Amruth Kumar PI Forum NSF-sponsored project for more information about other research initiatives focussed on programming pedagogy.
  • Alessio Gaspar, Associate Professor, USF Department of Computer Science & Engineering. [webpage]
  • Sarah Langevin
  • Naomi Boyer, Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Polk State College
  • Dave Armitage, Associate Professor, USF Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Cliff Bennett, Department Head, Computer Network Engineering Technology, Polk State College
  • Joe Stanaback, System Administrator
  • Sohum Sohoni, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University. [webpage]
  • Joni Torsella, Department of Engineering Education, University of Cincinnati. [webpage]
  • Nora Honken, Department of Engineering Education, University of Cincinnati. [webpage]
  • Ralph Tindell, Instructor, USF Department of Computer Science & Engineering