This part of the site is really, really, I mean really, rudimentary. I plan on adding relevant links to guide students who are interested in these topics but I am only able to do this on my copious free time ;p

In the meantime, my Profile hosts projects related to grants, research, or simply things I tinker with in order to learn new technologies.

I should mention here that, while I want my students to be equally versed in a wide range of technologies, my personal preference is for open source technologies. They have afforded me a freedom to experiment I have not experienced with vendor technologies. Not mentioning the underlying philosophy put forth by open source developers who contribute countless hours to make our digital world a better place.

Server-side web development has not yet been my primary focus. I started my rediscovery of web technologies with JavaScript and its plethora of frameworks. However, I find myself often relying on PHP and SQLite for quickly prototyping web apps which do no require a high level of user-interactivity. I quite enjoy the language for this purpose and might just invest more time in it.

I use web development in most of my undergraduate student projects. I feel these are great opportunities to teach the latest web technologies in a very hands-on manner. I also regularly leverage web development tools for the software development parts of my Computing Education Research grants.

Sample projects

Despite the fact it started as an exploration of JavaScript more so than a PHP app, this project is a good illustration of a PHP app.
This Novice Errors Detection web app writen for the CLUE project is another good example of this kind of work.
Web PT
The most recent, and least polished, of the bunch. Started in summer 2014 as a quick & dirty prototype to help students leverage peer testing in a programming assignment used in IT Program Design. Still in the works.


I would recommend the following resources for students interested in learning more about PHP;

My recent interests have been in JavaScript development and modern web apps.

Part of what I find fascinating with JavaScript is the plethora of frameworks available to developers. As many, I started with JQuery, JQuery UI, tried my hand at some small mobile web app with JQuery Mobile. Right now I am looking to start a project leveraging AngularJS. Probably a full rewrite of Sherpa would be a good way to dig into this technology.

I also find the JavaScript language and its plethora of frameworks very interesting and relevant to introduce students to advanced OOP ideas; e.g. Model-View-Whatever design pattern, dependency injection... Same goes for functional programming features like closures. These enable web development to become a motivating playground for our IT students to learn about and tinker with advanced OOP ideas

My learning of the language led me to write on my spare time a modest programming environment named Sherpa, alongside a few minor tools. It is far from complete but I keep rewriting it as I hone my JavaScript skills.



Reference websites;

Talks, Seminars

My previous experience with Linux has been as follows;

General Links about Linux

For many students new to Linux, the following provides a good overview of both uses of Linux in industry and its adoption statistics;

It is a good idea to then move on to some more specialized sites;

Linux Media

Zines related to Linux;

Linux Enthusiasts Web Sites;


Linux User Groups

These are great environment to find other fellow Linux enthusiasts to mingle with. I will try to keep the list below up to date with LUGs available in central Florida. Do not hesitate to get in touch to have your LUG added. Our online students are from everywhere in Florida, helping them find a LUG near them is the point of this list!

Educational Material about Linux

The following are resources providing a more structured approach to learning about Linux

For those of you interested in developing on the Linux platform;

For those of you interested in kernel internals;

Professional Organizations

Linux Certifications;

I have enjoyed programming in Java since about 2001.

Reference Material

Reference Books;


Web Resources;


Educational Helpers

If you are just getting started in learning how to program, the following are resources which might help you out;

Integrated Development Environments

These IDEs are generally geared toward novice Java programmers as they offer a clean and easy to learn interface that does not get in your way of learning the language itself.

Unlike the IDEs listed above, the following provide many more features generally useful to more seasoned Java programmers;

Topic-Specific Resources


Java Concurrent Programming;

Other Resources;