L2 - Linux System Administration

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the online modules used in the Linux workstations administation taught in the Information Technology Division at the University of South Florida.

The videos, web resources & assignments in this mini-site are meant to allow students who took our User-Level Intro to Linux to explore the Linux operating system & to learn system administration tools and techniques suitable for managing their own Linux workstation or standalone server.

This offering will go much more into Linux system administration than the previous. It is therefore suitable for any student interested in working as a Linux system administrator. However, it is also relevant to students who will work in any capacity on a Linux environment and want to, or might be in charge of, administrating their own environment. With the advent of virtualization, it is not unlikely for developers to deploy several Linux environment to test their software even without being administrators.

This material is using the CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide from Roderick W. Smith, published by Wiley.

Take a look at the "About..." section for more information about other offerings you might be interested in to further develop different Linux skills after this introductory material.

What will you find on this site?

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that this material is meant to be used in an actual offering, either fully online or hybrid with some face-to-face teaching time. Therefore, you will find that many practice activities are meant for students to ask questions to their instructor instead of simply working on them in isolation.

If you are browsing this material without such a support setting, you might find it benefitial to work with others in order to make the best out of our practice assignments or discussion activities.

You will find eleven modules in the left navigation panel. Each is expected to be tackled in about a week of work, e.g. about 12 hours of work part time.

Inside each modules, you will find the following types of material;

In addition, a weekly overview PDF will provide an outline of how these various assignments will be leveraged in a given module.

Welcome again to the world of Linux & Open source, enjoy your learning