IT Program Design

102 - Functions

  • Module Overview
  • File Link: module-overview.pdf
  • Still working on reviewing the fundamentals you already know about & applying them to our new language. This time the focus is on writing functions. We will also talk about a design technique, recursion, which we will be using again in our later modules
  • Readings - Textbook
  • For this module, you should read the following sections of the textbook;
    • Chapter #5: C Functions
  • Howto - Multiple Mains
  • File Link: howto-multiple-mains.pdf
  • Some of the apprenticeship exercises in this module have multi-files projects in which we have several main functions. This is generally used to allow one main to leverage the key functions you implemented in an interactive version of the program, while the other main only runs them through automated tests. This mini howto shows you how to manage such projects with your IDE.
  • PA102 - Instructions
  • File Links: instructions.pdf
  • We are going to build on what you learned in PA101 & this time analyze the payoff of the little game you programmed You will need a working prog4.c version from PA101 to start working on this PA.
  • Video Lecture - Getting started with this PA
  • File Links: PA102-intro.mp4
  • This video will help you get started on this PA.
  • PA102 - Templates
  • File Links:
  • If you are using the Student Linux Box virtual machine, you do not need to download this material.