IT Program Design

201 - Arrays

  • Module Overview
  • File Link: module-overview.pdf
  • We are going to explore arrays. Arrays allow you to store a fixed number of elements, all of the same data type, in a way which allows you to access them via an index ranging from 0 to the number of elements in the array minus 1.
  • Readings - Textbook
  • For this module, you should read the following sections of the textbook;
    • Chapter #6: C Arrays
  • Readings - How to test
  • File Link: how-to-test.pdf
  • This document is similar to the "How to Program" PDF provided in module [101]. Its intent is to help you understand the kind of thought process which goes into designing the tests with which you will validate your programs
  • PA201 - Instructions
  • File Links: instructions.pdf
  • This "Enter the matrix" PA will focus on handling two dimensional arrays of integers. We will use this to practice sorting algorithms.
  • Video Lecture - Getting started with this PA
  • File Links: PA201-intro.mp4
  • This video will help you get started on this PA.
  • PA201 - Templates
  • File Links:
  • If you are using the Student Linux Box virtual machine, you do not need to download this material.