IT Program Design

202 - Pointers

  • Module Overview
  • File Link: module-overview.pdf
  • Hardest module, we start manipulating memory addresses. Understanding this will help you better understand what is happening in other programming language which, while they do not expose to programmers pointers, rely on their principles to implement many things.
  • Readings - Textbook
  • For this module, you should read the following sections of the textbook;
    • Chapter #7: C Pointers
  • Lecture - Something Funny about Pointers
  • File Links: stanford.mp4 URL Links: Stanford CS Education Resources
  • This video go over the dereferencing of pointers in C and comes from the Stanford CS education resources repository. A rare opportunity to enjoy something fun about pointers :)
  • Video Lecture - Getting started with this PA
  • File Links: PA202-intro.mp4
  • This video will help you get started on this PA.
  • PA202 - Templates
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  • If you are using the Student Linux Box virtual machine, you do not need to download this material.